How it Works

Giga is a connection platform - we connect the GIVES with The NEEDS in real time

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Start your joy of giving or gaining by submitting valid information to us in

Signup Rewards

Users will be awarded with some welcome points those who are registered as a standard user with us

Post Your Give/Need

Giga users can post your GIVES or NEEDS

  • By registering on the platform
  • Completing their profile – for your areas of interest/causes you care about
  • If Giga user has something to GIVE or NEED either they can
      Create a GIVE/NEED post by clicking on POST YOUR GIVE/POST YOUR NEED
      Search for relevant GIVE/NEED via our search module located at top of the page

Users can create their relevant Posts of GIVES or NEEDS in terms of TIME | THINGS |MONEY| Medical Help

Think of this as if advertising your GIVES or NEEDS on our platform to reach out to RIGHT & Relevant Connections.

Giga user's can also search the available GIVES or NEEDS without the need to POST anything via the search module - located at the top of home page.

Get Connections

Giga Makes the necessary connections based on Category, Causes you care about & Your location


TIME – as in Volunteers with your skills for social causes you care about

THINGS – Best Reuse of your used things that no longer need

  • List of sub categories for THINGS
  • Blankets, Clothes , Furnishings & Footwear
  • Books, Toys, Newspaper, Stationary, Sports & Hobbies
  • Daily Provisions ( water, oil, rice, dal etc...)
  • Electronics & Appliances
  • Household Itemsv
  • Cycle, Bikes & Automobiles
  • Furniture
  • Construction & Interiors Raw material
  • Others


  • We focus only on LIVELIHOOD projects
  • You could bear the raw material cost involved in creating commercial products where people from low income group work together
  • Or an organization has a plan to create a Olympic Size swimming pool & train students from lower section of society with potential free of cost –   you can fund such money needs
  • Or someone conducts free tuition classes for youth to empower & enable them to get self sufficient or pursue higher education & has some basic   needs to take out operating expenses
  • We don’t accept money on our platform for one time charity projects


  • Someone in your network met with an accident & you need blood Donors
  • Someone is willing to donate their organs or Hair for cancer patients

Get Details of Giver/Needy

Once the owner of the post decides to connect with one of connection request made, the contact details are exchanged over email.

Note: If due to some reasons the transaction ,does not happen between the connected parties, they write an email to to recreate/re-open their post

Transact Offline

Both the parties involved have to do the necessary due diligence & discuss logistics, timeline etc & transact offline

Feedback Review

Feedback on the transaction is collected via our platform & both Giver & the Gainer are given ratings based on our internally defined criteria’s.

Earn Reward Points

After successfully executing the transaction, Givers are rewarded Credits for their Gives & these Credit's are redeemable across retail outlets based various points slabs

Redeem Points

GiGa will suggest you some of our partners to redeem earned points for your Give's. So only thing is user's should opt out their type of redeem with respect to their points limit. Then he/she will get coupon code details by text/mail.