I always have been in “Giving” mode since my childhood – Giving comes to me naturally. Few years back, over a conversation with friends on “receiving gifts”, I spontaneously happen to state that “I am born to Give” and that sentence which came out from inside me still keep ringing in every cell of my body. In last decade, series of events unfolded, we turned first generation Serial Entrepreneurs, explored 6 diverse businesses, some failed, some sold & some successfully running.

There has been few realizations in last 2 years when I attended diverse learning programs as I was thinking about “Who am I” & “What is purpose of my life”.

Somehow deep inside my centre, I always felt I am different in my way of life, my thought process, my approach to life, but found it difficult to express what I felt.

All I was aware about myself is that “I want to leave my footprints in this world in this lifetime”. I was able to connect lot of dots from my past in my present creating the future of my being day by day.

I feel blessed to be able to figure out my true calling - “Helping people in whatever ways I can by leveraging all the learnings from my life”

As a SME entrepreneurs, we are able to impact only few lives of people associated with us. But we always feel we have potential to impact millions of life ” and that’s where “GIGA” happened – using the power of technology for social welfare, helping raise the level of humanity by connecting people who want to “GIVE” help to people who “NEED” help in any form.



Ankur is the brain behind “GIGA” – he bought a new dimension to my basic idea of doing charity. He introduced features like “TIME” as an important “give” in this platform & also reward system for Givers, how to involve the entire ecosystem of different professionals & businesses to create a community of Givers.

Ankur has spent his childhood in various villages and is a self-learner. He is well read, very knowledgeable and his interest is spirituality. Before Giga he assumed that materialism & spiritualism cannot co-exist.

Soon he also had his realizations after we attended a program called TAT from Infinitheism by Mahatria and he is all in action mode as Giga is a way to serve people and Ankur is people’s person – a nurturer ! He also believes that we must “GIVE” and help should be available from everywhere to enable and empower society.

We have lived enough for ourselves and it’s time to live for others is what is driving us to create “GIGA” – a disruption in definition of Charity.


Shankar Maruwada

Co-Founder and CEO at EkStep

EkStep is a not-for-profit effort to create a learner centric,
technology based platform to improve applied literacy and numeracy for millions of children in India

K Rajeswar Rao

Visiting Professor at Indian Institute of Management, Amritsar

Strategic Management, Business Excellence and Organisation restructuring 28 years of progressive management of global technology and business organizations Accomplished Sr Executive with significant experience in Global and domestic operations, building and managing V large teams, P&L Oversight.Result oriented and decisive leader with significant track record of consistent high performance, Strategic market positioning and overall delight from customers and employees. Significant track record of top-class efficiencies in operations, cost management, growth oriented strategies driving innovation and still delivering high-quality results.

Board level advisory on Strategy, Business excellence, role of independent directors, leveraging IT for business optimization, Future proofing business from Technology Changes, Corporate Governance- Leveraging technology to achieve higher order Board level performances, Enterprise risk.Industry Advisor on Global IT trends, Expert advisory on Global IT Market trends, advising Investment houses and Brokerage firms on Tech trends, business cases which are influencing global and regional technology spending patterns, market shifts and changing tech landscapes in short term to long term

Technology Partners

Dharshan S Jetty

Managing Director at Odopixel Technologies

Dharshan S Jetty is Bangalore’s home grown grounds up entrepreneur, who has had his share of ups and downs. Self educated on the various technologies, he now leads the Technology team and is looking for that next Facebook of an idea.